Penetration Testing 


Security breaches and service interruptions cost you money and erode the trust of your customers. Nobody wants to do business with a company they don’t trust.


At Cybersec Bristol we aim to help mitigate the risks to your business by looking for vulnerabilities in your systems via penetration testing.


What is a penetration test?


A penetration test is an attempt to safely exploit your IT systems to help determine whether they are vulnerable to attack. The scan identifies whether the defences are sufficient, and will identify any defences that were defeated by the test.

A penetration test is most effective when both an external and an internal scan are carried out.


This scan will enable Cybersec Bristol to provide you with guidance about vulnerabities and to the likelihood of a breach within your company.


How will we test your systems?


We will do two scans an Internal scan and an External scan.


An internal scan has to be carried out on your premises. It is effectively a test of how vulnerable your data would be if someone actually gained access and how susceptible your systems would be from malware and virus attacks, or theft of valuable or sensitive data.

It will also identify software or devices that have not been updated with latest releases to fix system bugs etc., and are, therefore, more vulnerable to attacks.


An external scan is usually carried out away from your site, and would look at how accessible your systems would be to someone outside your organisation gaining unauthorised entry.


This shows how vulnerable your network would be to both automated (generally 80% of threats) and targeted attacks.


Open ports not in use. These are often found by automated Internet scanning tools used by attackers, giving them opportunities to access your systems undetected (as was the case in the Equifax hack) , our penetration test will identify these so that you can secure them.


This valuable information will allow you to shore up your system and:

  • Retain customer loyalty
  • Prevent exposure of confidential information
  • Meet regulatory requirements and avoid fines
  • Avoid the cost of downtime
  • Gain assurances of your security defences
  • Preserve your company’s reputation



Cybersec Bristol will find the vulnerabilities for you so that you can evaluate how critical they are and allocate your security resources more efficiently.


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